Aura Kingdom Fragments

Aura Kingdom Get Fragments

Ad: hello guys welcome to my blog, today I will present about how to get fragments material. So for you new player on aura kingdom game there is a fortification scroll you can use for leveling up your weapon to increase damage, but for use that fortification you need fragment. Today I present you how to earn fragment material.

Ad: To earn this material is very easy guys, you can get this material by salvage armor and weapon (include thropy, necklace). To do this, firs go to your bag.

Second, you see a circle red I marked. hah that for button salvage item. Click it and then navigate to your weapon for salvage.

For demonstrate I will salvage weapon one of four weapons I have. 

After that it will show message like this.

click ok and then this is result from salvage.

Easy right :).

Thank you guys for read this blog.  

Aura Kingdom Active Star Weapon

Aura Kingdom Tips

Active star level for weapon

Ad: Hey guys how are you today?.

Ad: pretty good?.

Ad: Thanks for reading this blog. Today I gonna show you how to active star for your weapon in Aura kingdom.

Have you guys wondering, what it's mean star on the weapon ? well if you guys a new player will ask what's mean, right?. Star level on this weapon will get you extra Damage (weapon) or HP (Armor). To get this level star you need 2 weapon same, one for evolution other one for be used for evolution. For example like this.

Afterwards, you will go to Demarech Mine or Navea to meet crafting (like harvey). To get start you will do this.

Chose second menu "I Want to active Star Level Evolution"

After that you will get this. Chose your weapon whose want to be evolution and also provide other same weapon to be used for evolution.

Then, click evolution. You will get this message:  

Click Ok.

Congratulation you get bonus extra DMG for your weapon from active star.

The question.

1. Can we upgrade from star level one to star level two?

Ad: Yes of course, But if you want to upgrade to star level two, provide the other same weapon with condition must have star level one.

2. How about armor, can we active star?

Ad: yes, but for armor you will get extra HP while star active. To active it same like weapon.

So that's from Admin thank you for reading. Enjoy your game.

Aura Kingdom Free Recipe Refining

Aura Kingdom

Get Free recipe refining

Ad: Hello guys how are you today?.

Ad: perfect?.

Ad: Today I gonna show to you about little tips from Aura Kingdom, I hope this tips maybe useful for you as player Aura Kingdom.

Ad: Do you have recipe like this picture?. (which is Marked)

Ad: If you new player aura kingdom I will tell you "Please don't throw it" because we can use it for new strong armor or throphy in aura kingdom. For use it is very easy. 

Just go to mancraft in demarech mines or go to analisa in navea. 

After that select you want refining item and then it will show window on right. Click new recipe button, and then will show window like this:

Next, right click button recipe on your inventory then the recipe will show in special. You will see a warning (in font red). Next will show like this.

A message will show you, you do not need to pay. That all, simple right. That recipe will show in thropy refining. So thank you very much from me, enjoy your game :)

Aura Kingdom Demon Invasion

Aura kingdom level 62

Demon Invasion

X: Min, bagaimana cara menyelesaikan mission Demon Invasion di aura kingdom?.

Oke sebelumnya admin minta maaf, jika di dalam blog ini ada unsur sedikit spoiler untuk game aura kingdom. Tujuan admin membuat blog berisi tentang misi ini adalah, buat mereka (player) yang masih bingung, bagaimana caranya menyelesaikan missi ini.

Ad: untuk menyelesaikan missi Demon Invasion, kamu hanya perlu menyelesaikan daily mission
       yang tersedia dalam Vulture dan Blizzard map sebanyak 5 kali.

Ad: daily quest pada vulture dan blizzard sedikit berbeda, jika pada umunya daily quest cukup selesai satu kali dan selesai, daily quest ini mempunyai 5 misi yang diselesaikan dan baru dapat vulture atau blizzard medal.

X: Oke min, terima kasih. 

Map vulture vale

map blizzard berg


1. Kamu akan dikasih medal vulture dan blizzard dari pemimpin bishop dari church, usahakan untuk disimpin di loker penyimpanan.

2. Usahakan level karakter mu 65.

3. Cari daily quest ini yang bertema logistik (kurang lebih), supaya sedikit mempermudah.

Sekian dari admin, jika ada kesalahan mohon maaf.

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