Aura Kingdom Fragments

Aura Kingdom Get Fragments

Ad: hello guys welcome to my blog, today I will present about how to get fragments material. So for you new player on aura kingdom game there is a fortification scroll you can use for leveling up your weapon to increase damage, but for use that fortification you need fragment. Today I present you how to earn fragment material.

Ad: To earn this material is very easy guys, you can get this material by salvage armor and weapon (include thropy, necklace). To do this, firs go to your bag.

Second, you see a circle red I marked. hah that for button salvage item. Click it and then navigate to your weapon for salvage.

For demonstrate I will salvage weapon one of four weapons I have. 

After that it will show message like this.

click ok and then this is result from salvage.

Easy right :).

Thank you guys for read this blog.  

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