Aura Kingdom Free Recipe Refining

Aura Kingdom

Get Free recipe refining

Ad: Hello guys how are you today?.

Ad: perfect?.

Ad: Today I gonna show to you about little tips from Aura Kingdom, I hope this tips maybe useful for you as player Aura Kingdom.

Ad: Do you have recipe like this picture?. (which is Marked)

Ad: If you new player aura kingdom I will tell you "Please don't throw it" because we can use it for new strong armor or throphy in aura kingdom. For use it is very easy. 

Just go to mancraft in demarech mines or go to analisa in navea. 

After that select you want refining item and then it will show window on right. Click new recipe button, and then will show window like this:

Next, right click button recipe on your inventory then the recipe will show in special. You will see a warning (in font red). Next will show like this.

A message will show you, you do not need to pay. That all, simple right. That recipe will show in thropy refining. So thank you very much from me, enjoy your game :)

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