How to Install MAME Simulator with EmulationStation

Install MAME Simulator with EmulationStation

Hello guys welcome to my blog, today I will show you how to install MAME with emulation station. Before we go to install I will introduction little about MAME emulator. MAME ( Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is multi-purpose emulation framework where allow you to play arcade game.

Next, time to install two this software. 

First step, you need install emulation station before install MAME, otherwise you can install MAME after that emulation station. (you chose)

Second step, you install MAME, just extract them into folder and name mame.

Third step, go to this address C:\Users\yourname\.emulationstation\systems and then folder mame you make before move in to systems folder.

Note: if you ask "I dont have folder with name systems" just make it that folder with name systems.

Fourth step, Make folder for your game. example: C:\Users\yourname\.emulationstation\gamelists\mame. 

Note: you can name folder with different name.

Five step, go mame folder in systems and then search mame64.exe 

In this mode we will configure folder game. select the configure option.

Add folder and then search where you game is place it. me example C:\Users\yourname\.emulationstation\gamelists\mame.

Make sure the location must same between address on folder and address folder inside configure option.

the result will like this:

Oh I almost forget, we must make cmd file. Go to notepad and the paste this code:



mame64.exe %1

save as to C:\Users\yourname\.emulationstation\systems\mame and name it mame64.cmd.

once your save it, it is almost ready the next your action edit the es_systems.cfg with notepad like this.

save it.

The final, open the emulation station. you may asked to configure input controller for emulation station.

The next is congratulation you finished install MAME and emulation station.

Yep maybe that's from thank you for reading.



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